Friday, March 28, 2008

PINK FLOYD at the UFO - Interstellar Overdrive

I've been re-reading White Bicycles by Joe Boyd, a great book about sixties music from a guy who was there through some of the finest musical moments - he was also one of the main men behind the UFO club where Pink Floyd got their start. Here is some great footage of the Floyd doing they're thing, with Syd front and center!

East of Eden-June 11 1970-Taverne de l'Olympia-Paris

Yet another non-kraut diversion to northern shores - this time, some rare footage of UK's East of Eden - throwing down some decidedly Embryo meets Brotherhood of Breath moves. Not to be missed!

Man-Would the Christians wait-1970

Another blissful tangent from my kraut plunder-mentary... Here we have Wale's mighty Man-band performing live on German TV - a spacy number known as 'Would The Christians Please Wait Five Minutes? The Lions Are Having A Draw' from their self titled album. For more info on this fantastic group, check out: Manband Archive

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

NEU! - Hero Live 74


Tangerine Dream 1969

Snippet from deutsch doco - part one

Tangerine Dream 1969

Snip from deutsch doco - part two

Agitation Free - Egypt

When was the last time you *saw* Agitation Free live in all their glory? Well, I have never seen them either - so you will excuse the fair-to-middlin' quality of this rare clip....

Seesselberg - Synthetic (1975)

One of the most obscure kraut combos, performing live analogue synthesizer madness - classic!

Anima-Sound : Mit 20 km/h durch Europa

patience, friends, will find after a few minutes of deutsch dialog - some prime era footage of Anima Sound! Enjoy!

Popol Vuh - Improvisation (1971)

BEAUTIFUL FOOTAGE * EXCELLENT SOUND watch PV in rarely seen early duo formation droning out on analogue synthesizer and percussion.

Guru Guru - Electric Junk (1971)

!!Excelent sound quality * Rare live jam!!

FAUST 1971

Snippet from deutsch doco - german language - no subtitles

Organisation- Ruckzuck

B4 Kraftwerk there was...

Ralf Hütter -- Hammond-organ.
Florian Schneider-Esleben -- Flutes, bell, triangle, tambourine, electro-violin, percussion.
Basil Hammoudi -- Glockenspiel, conga gong, musical box, bangos, percussion, voice.
Butch Hauf -- Bass-guitar, shaky tube, small bells, plastic hammer, percussion.
Alfred Mönicks (a.k.a. "Fred Monicks") -- Drums, bongos, maracas, cowbell, tambourine, percussion.