Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hello dearest surfers - 
You've found a crevice filled with Kraut Rock and other strange delights!

I promise I will post more than You Tube links in the near future! I have been working on many in depth music reviews/bios - for several of my favorite records/bands, which you may gauge where I am coming from by cruising the links below! However, many of my favorite groups are not represented on You Tube, so I will post some sample clips for you to enjoy. 

Due to the overwhelming amount already posted on the internet, and also mixed feelings regarding the morality of the endeavor, I will not be posting albums for download. I have linked to a few of the best sites that share albums for sampling purposes on the side bar. Please pay them a visit and leave comments! These guys are veteran bloggers and deserve your respect and support, so check 'em out! If you wish to hear something I have written about, e-mail me offline and perhaps I can steer you towards obtaining it some how. 

Thanks for stopping by my Kraut Kiosk and please visit again soon! Next time you will likely be greeted with goodies of an Aural Ecstatic nature! and also lots of ex!amation po!nts!!!



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